Admissions Updates

Throughout the admissions cycle, the Office of Admissions at Brock University will be updating this page with important information and deadlines for all applicants. Be sure to check back frequently to keep on top of everything.

May 26, 2014


  • Ineligible Applicants
    Applicants who are currently ineligible for an offer to any program were sent a detailed email last week outlining options for further consideration based on final or summer school grades. If you have not received an offer from us, please check your email.
  • Late Applicants
    Applicants applying late should check their portal at daily for an admissions update. If files are complete, and space is available, decisions are being made within one-two days. Late applicants to limited enrolment programs may be required to wait until after June 2 for a decision.


Brock University will only process applications once a file is complete. If you are waiting on a decision please check your portal at to see if one of the following applies:

  1. Your file is complete and we are making a decision
  2. Your file is incomplete – documents are outstanding
  3. A decision has been made

May 9, 2014

Still hoping to get into your first choice program?

  • The majority of mid-term marks have arrived and we have completed the automatic review for preferred choice of program.
  • As corrected and late mid-term grades arrive, we will continue to review applications for preferred choice of program.
  • Those who submitted letters of extenuating circumstances have been reviewed.

Important next steps!

  1. Check your Brock applicant portal at to confirm your program offer. If your offer hasn’t changed, any previous offer of admission is still valid. This is your final offer (although we continue to review for corrected and late mid-term grades).
  2. If this is a new, upgraded offer you must accept it via OUAC by June 2. (Any previous offer you may have received is no longer valid).
  3. If the offer showing in your Brock applicant portal does not match the offer on OUAC, wait 24 hours until they do match, and then accept via OUAC.

Questions about your alternate offer?

Your application has been automatically reviewed. If your offer has not changed, your previous offer to an alternate program is still valid. We attempt to offer an alternate program that is as close as possible to the program you originally applied for. Find information about the program to which you’ve been offered admission at

Scholarship update

Have your grades changed since you were admitted?

Brock Scholars Awards are based on final marks received from your high school. If your grades have gone up since you were admitted, you may receive a higher value scholarship. Please visit to view Brock Scholars Award values. We will confirm your scholarship offer once all the grades have been submitted. If there is any change to the value your Brock Scholars Award you will be notified by mail.

Did you submit a OneApp for extra awards?

All entrance bursary and donor scholarship offers have now been sent by mail. To accept your award, simply accept your offer of admission from Brock and the value of your award will be applied toward your tuition in September.

Did you miss the OneApp deadline? How do I apply for more awards?

The deadline has passed for our admission awards. However, if you accept your offer of admission you will be eligible for our current-student awards. Starting August 1st, you will be able to resubmit your OneApp for the upcoming year.

February 21, 2014

The Offers of Admission are out the door!

Still waiting on your offer?

Here are some of the reasons you may be ineligible for admission at this time:

  • Your average is not quite high enough. We will re-consider you in May upon receipt of your second semester mid-term results. OR
  • You did not have a minimum of 3.0 final 4U or 4M grades for us to make a decision. We’ll be able to make a decision in May once we have a minimum of three final and three mid-term grades (if you are studying in a non-semestered school your average is based on six interim grades). OR
  • It may be possible your grades arrived after the offers were generated. As grades arrive from your school we will continue to make offers — keep checking your student portal!
  • If you have completed your studies and are no longer attending classes, contact to find out how you might work toward becoming eligible.

December 13, 2013

New Tourism and Environment stream and co-op options for
Kinesiology, Labour Studies, and Public Health

Beginning Fall 2014, the Tourism and Environment department will offer a stream in Tourism Management, with a co-op option. This new stream will continue to focus on concepts of sustainability as they relate to the tourism industry. We’re also pleased to announce that co-op options have been added to the following additional programs:

  • Kinesiology (BKin) (second year entry)
  • Labour Studies (BA) (direct entry)
  • Public Health (BPH) (direct entry)

If you have already submitted your application and did not have the opportunity to apply for co-op, please contact for help. If you are not a current Ontario secondary school applicant please email

December 12, 2013

Additional requirements for
Dramatic Arts, Music, Visual Arts and Concurrent Education applicants

  • Students applying to a BA in Dramatic Arts, BA in Dramatic Arts (Co-op option), and Concurrent BA/BEd (Intermediate/Senior) with a teachable subject in Dramatic Arts are required to participate in the Dramatic Arts Invitational. Visit for more information.
  • Students applying to a BMus or BA in Music are required to perform an audition. Additionally, a theory placement test (RMC Advanced Rudiments) must be passed. Visit for more information.
  • Students applying to a BA in Studio Art (3 Year Pass and 4 Year Honours), and Concurrent BA/BEd (Intermediate/Senior) with a major in Studio Art are required to prepare a portfolio. Visit for more information.
    Please note: Students applying to the History of Art & Visual Culture program are not required to submit a portfolio.

If you have any questions, please contact If you are not a current Ontario secondary school applicant please email